About Us

The way all our capabilities work together sets us apart.

AFGlobal seamlessly aligns the diverse capabilities of our world-class businesses against the complex requirements of strategic customers, providing them with simple and fully integrated manufacturing and supply chain solutions.

With a growing list of businesses and industry leading companies and brands, AFGlobal has created a modern and innovative resource with total-value-solutions you can’t find anywhere else.

A global force.

This has catapulted AFGlobal, headquartered in Houston, Texas, into a global leader in a wide-range of manufacturing capabilities, delivering complete, one-stop-shop turnkey solutions with nearly 40 manufacturing facilities spanning four continents, two research and development centers, and our thousands of employees worldwide.

Making the impossible possible.

Our impact on the world of manufacturing can be seen and felt in multiple industries, including oil and gas, aerospace, power generation, transportation, and industrial. This ability to strategically align our diverse capabilities makes what once seemed impossible a reality for the most demanding customers in the world.

Putting all these resources to work for you.

By working closely with you to gain a deeper understanding of your business needs, we are able to address the challenges that keep you up at night, and you go from being our customer, to becoming our partner. It is that type of relationship that allows us to offer you the best, most efficient, and most innovative solutions possible. Just ask any one of our, well, partners.